Writer’s notebook 2.2 | English homework help

  1. Read and take notes over the article  “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt (link above). 
    1. Review and take notes over the PPT “The Art of Quoting” that is attached.
    2. Complete the quoting activity in your next Writer’s Notebook assignment below.
    3. You will need to know how to quote and integrate quotes for your next two essays which will require sources.
      The information presented here will be covered in your unit quiz at the end of the unit!

For this Writer’s Notebook, you will complete the following quoting activity over the article “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt. Be sure that you have read and taken notes over both the article and the PPT “The Art of Quoting” before beginning this activity (they are both posted above). 

The Art of Quoting Exercise

Use the following topic sentence and quote from the article “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt to create a PARAGRAPH with a correctly imbedded quote sandwich. Your quote sandwich needs the following four parts: an introduction, the quote, the explanation (or interpretation), and the commentary. Be sure to introduce your quote with the authors’ names and titles (credibility). Make sure your paragraph follows the tell, show, share method of paragraph development. Be sure to refer back to your thesis at the end of your paragraph. 

Thesis statement that you are defending (be sure to refer back to your thesis at the end of your paragraph):

Political campaign advertisements should be required to be truthful and accurate.

Topic sentence (use exactly as it is to start your paragraph):

Political candidates use the brain’s own power of forgetting to spread and reinforce false rumors about the opposition. 

Quote from page 79:

 “Even if they do not understand the neuroscience behind source amnesia, campaign strategists can exploit it to spread misinformation. They know that if their message is initially memorable, its impression will persist long after it is debunked.”

Grading rubric:

  • Topic sentence                                                10
  • Includes author’s name and credibility            10
  • Does not include the title of work                    10
  • Correct quote                                                  10
  • Cited correctly                                                 10
  • Translation/explanation of quote                     10
  • Analysis of quote                                             20
  • Reference to thesis                                         10
  • Is an actual paragraph                                    10
  • Total                                                                100