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 Provide insights into your non-scientific career goals and expectations  (1,000 words max). At the end of your Personal Statement, please rate  your abilities on a scale of 1-5 (lowest-highest) on the following five  items: time management, leadership skills, interpersonal relationships,  communication, potential for growth. 
 The highlight of the SRK is a 30-week course entitled  “Career Building for Women in Science,”  which includes two day-long  workshops.  Following each day-long session, you will have an  opportunity to network with the facilitator in a 2-hour, bi-weekly  meeting (for 14 weeks). The SRK Fellowship also includes mentoring  opportunities with successful women scientists from government,  industry, and academia as well as seminars on relevant topics such as  networking, managing people, time management, and how to promote  yourself. This rewarding program involves an extensive time commitment  not only during the course/activity time but also throughout the  year-long fellowship. 

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