Write a pseudo code to design a ticket purchasing application where

1. Write a pseudo code to design a ticket purchasing application where the user chooses between a daily unlimited rides ticket and a daily single rides ticket. Based on a user’s selection he/she is further given the choice of the various sub-categories within the chosen category. The user then enters the ticket quantities for the chosen sub-category. This process of choosing between the two main categories of unlimited and single rides tickets, and entering the number of tickets for the chosen sub-category needs to continue till the user elects to exit the program. For each iteration, a sub-total of the amount payable is displayed. Once the user exits the program, the user should be displayed with the total amount payable for all the tickets. Note The pseudocode written for Task 1 must have line numbers.


2. Write a data dictionary for the corresponding pseudocode written in Task 1.


3. Desk-check the pseudo code using at least two test cases. Provide test data table and the desk-check table.


4. Write a Java program based on the pseudo code you designed. • The program should match the logic specified in the pseudo code and the variable naming convention used in data dictionary. • The code should be easy to read and understand. • The code should be well formatted. • The program should have meaningful variable names CSE1PGX – Assessment 3 3 • The code should be well commented. This should include comments about the program: program name, purpose, author; comments describing each variable and comments on each section of the program.


5. Create test data table to test the Java program. Ensure that program successfully completes all tests.