Which leadership style is most effective on employee and

Which Leadership style is most effective on Employee and Organizational Performance? 

Key factors to consider 

  1. Different leadership styles 
  2. Employee Performance 
  3. What is your leadership style? 
  4. Research Paper Guidelines 
  • Length and elements: The paper length will be four (4) pages (2000 words) maximum (do NOT exceed the page limit), double spaced, and typed (this does not include your cover page and reference page).   

You must include a cover page with the title of your paper and your name.  After the cover page (but before the body of the paper) you must include an Abstract, which is a brief, comprehensive summary of the paper, no longer than 120 words.   

Finally, references should be listed on a separate page after the body of the paper. Please number your pages.  

  • Number of references: Your paper should include a minimum of five (5) references.  

Appropriate sources included: you must cite your sources according to one of the following formats: MLA, or APA.   

  • Appearance: All final papers should be proofread, and easy to read.   
  • Format: Your paper should follow one of the following formats: MLA, or APA.   
  • Guidelines: Follow the guidelines for your paper as described above.  
  • A Research Rubric has been provided below for grading guidance.  

 2.  PowerPoint Presentation – This presentation will derive from your research paper (Which leadership style is most effective on Employee and Organizational Performance?). 

  Research Paper-   

  • Content and Focus
  • Organization 
  • Style 
  •  Sources/Format 
  •  Conventions- errors, spelling, mechanics, grammar 

     PowerPoint Presentation-

  • Effectiveness ​
  • Sequencing of information 
  • Originality 
  • Spelling and Grammar 
  • Use of Graphics 
  • Organization 

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