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Share with other learners a 2–3 paragraph summary of what you learned from your interview with a school psychologist. Based on your interview and on your readings, when should you be concerned that a child may have exceptional needs? When should you ask for help, and when should you ask for a special education evaluation?

To protect confidentiality, please do not mention the real names of those you observe or their school.

Interview Outline

General Questions

These questions look at the overall considerations and practices that support children with disabilities.

  • What should a teacher look for, and what would be a red flag warning that a child may have a disability?
  • What information would be required from the teacher if an evaluation was necessary?
  • What tools would you use to evaluate a child? When and why would you use them?
  • What information is included in the multidisciplinary report?
  • How is the report used to plan appropriate learning activities for a child?
Specific Disability Questions

Now that you have addressed some general guidelines and practices, ask some questions related to the specific disability of dyslexia. You may also choose to explore an additional disability if you are interested. In this case, model your questions on the ones given here for dyslexia.

  • What are some of the major types of reading difficulties that you encounter as a school psychologist? What are the nature and symptoms and characteristics of dyslexia?
  • What would you say are some of the main unsupported beliefs and claims about dyslexia?
  • Are school psychologists able to give a formal dyslexia diagnosis? What resources are in place and available for students who show characteristics of dyslexia?
  • Are there specific evidence-based interventions or instructional strategies for students who show characteristics of dyslexia? Would the interventions change if you simply assessed the child’s reading skill deficit and provided more of a structure literacy approach to instruction?
  • What are some provisions of federal and state laws that pertain to learning disabilities, including dyslexia?

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