Visual art analysis | Ancient history homework help

This week, you will create a visual art analysis based upon a work of  art discussed in one of the following chapters of our textbook: 2, 5,  6, 8, 10, 11, 12, or 14. As you’ll notice, these chapters are not part  of the assigned reading, but this assignment will expose you to additional works of art you otherwise might have overlooked.

  • Choose two paintings, sculptures, or works of architecture  (buildings, bridges, etc.) from the chapters listed above. Both works of  art may be from the same chapter, or you may choose works from  different chapters. Likewise, both works of art may be of the same type,  such as two paintings, or you may choose different types of works.
  • Tell us the following about each work of art.
    • What do you see? Tell us about the image, colors, materials, and  size of the work of art. Imagine you are explaining it to someone who  can’t see it. Provide a word picture. Look at it really closely for  details that the casual viewer might miss.
    • How does this particular work of art compare to others in the same  chapter or elsewhere in the book? If there are other works by the same  artist in the book, what is unique about this particular work of art?
    • Wonder and awe. What makes this work of art amazing? What does it make you think about? What unanswered questions do you have?
  • Create a 4- to 5-minute narrated slide show, consisting of between  four to five slides. A possible organization idea is the title slide,  two to three body slides, and a conclusion.
  • Don’t do any outside research for this presentation. Any insights  from the textbook should be acknowledged in your narration. Example: “As  was noted on page 93 of our textbook….”
  • Because the slide show will be narrated, very little text is needed  for the slides. Aim for 20 words or fewer per slide. Instead, let the  visual depictions of the works of art take center stage.

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