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Project Guidelines 

  • Watch a feature film of your choice. If it is one you have seen before, watch it again before starting your essay.
  • Write a three page analysis on the editing of your chosen film based on the editing techniques you have learned in class. Analyze how the editing choices affect the tone of the film. Consider the pacing, transitions, the audio design, the music, and any other post production choices used to enhance the story. 
  • Please deliver your essay double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font.
  • The essay must be submitted as either an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file or as a Microsoft Word (.DOC or DOCX) document.
  • Submit your paper to the Essay Submission Folder (in the Projects and Essays Submission Folder Module)
  • Your essay is  due directly after the end of Unit 9

Instructor’s Note: Though music, sound design and visual effects are all important aspects of the postproduction process, the editing comes first!  Thus your essays need to address the ways particular editing techniques are used and how they specifically help tell the story — once you’ve done that you can bring in music, sound design and visual effects.  

Also realize that talking about shots, lighting, art direction and other on-set decisions are meaningless for this essay except in the context of ways they provide the raw source material for a style of editing or transitions.  Also remember that specific shot sizes and types of coverage are determined on set by the Director and the Director of Photography.  So any references to specific shot sizes should be within the context of how they are cut together to build sequences and move the story line forward. Likewise, you should have realized by now that the only times you should mention the 180 degree line are those when it may have been broken – and why.  

I have uploaded the course content below.


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