To make your life easier i have also attached a sample essay of the


The paper needs to be in APA format 7 pages long. The class is Financial Aspects in *SPORTS*

To make your life easier I have also attached a sample essay of the same assignment one of my friends wrote! It will give you a blueprint and you can take ideas from that assignment also! Thanks!


1.Borussia Dortmund’s Annual Report (

2.Borussia Investor (

3.Current Borussia Dortmund Stock Information including current year financials (—co-kgaa)

4.Any additional resources you find.

To Complete this Assignment, You Must:

1.What is Borussia Dortmund’s financial situation (positive or negative) currently based on their financial documents?

1.What does their income statement show?

2.What does their balance sheet show?

3.What does their cash flow show?

2.Borussia Dortmund finished second in the Bundesliga during the 2019 – 2020 season

1.What were the financial benefits and costs for finishing second?

2.Why is their stock only $6.35 as of 9/16/2020?

3.In 2003-2004, Borussia Dortmund was in debt around $100 million pounds, and they even accepted a loan from their rivals (Bayern Munich). The team was on the verge of bankruptcy. How are they doing financially since 2004?

1.How was the organization able to survive bankruptcy?

2.Is the organization still on the verge of bankruptcy?