The ceo who saved a life and lost his job


Case Subject
“The CEO Who Saved a Life and Lost His Job” Please see the PDF file in the Project One folder. 

Project Tasks 

Please write an 8-10 pages’ long essay analyzing and discussing the following topics following the order of Tasks 1 to 6: 

1. Task 1(5 points): Summarize the case. Length suggestion: 1 page. 2. Task 2 (15 points): Identify (list) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case. Please 

offer some details about each ethical issue (e.g. including what’s occurred, who’s 

affected, etc.). Length suggestion: 1 page. 

3. Task 3 (20 points): Identify (list) all of the stakeholders of the company (i.e., Chimerix) 

in the case, and discuss each of their viewpoints (e.g., needs, desires, concerns, costs, 

benefits, power, etc.). Length suggestion: 1-2 pages.

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