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One of your professors, perhaps your English professor, seem unreasonably cranky lately. Before you or any one of your classmates assume that your professor is one of those perpetually wretched people who needs to retire, consider his or her typical daily frustrations. First, your professor has likely had only about three hours’ sleep, having stayed up until nearly dawn to grade your homework or essays. Maybe there is a few things that have already gone wrong: Say the professor’s computer has locked up, neither the printer nor the copying machine are functioning, and one of the new deans have called a mandatory afternoon faculty meeting. Further, not one of your professor’s colleagues have been thoughtful enough to make a simple pot of coffee. Despite it all, your professor delivers a brilliant lecture on subject-verb agreement rules, the likes of which neither the students nor even the professor have ever experienced. The entire class, your grammarian peers, stand to cheer. And into class you stroll, twenty minutes late, your cell phone in one hand and a cup of aromatic coffee in the other, and ask, “Did I miss anything important?”


correct any errors in subject verb agreement need by thursday 10am






1)All students can secure parking permits from the campus police office; they are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

2) The detective removed the bloodstained shawl from the body and then photographed it.

3)We have a staff of experienced technicians that will service your copier within two hours of a service call

4)In Professor Jamal’s class, you are lucky to earn a C

5)In Ogden Nash’s verse, he always manages to give me a laugh about every other line

6)The average price for a ticket to the rock concert is $30, and this is not unreasonable for three hours of exciting entertainment.

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