Status report | CIS 500 Information Systems for Decision-Making | Strayer University

Use the Week 8 Status Report Template [DOCX] to complete this assignment.

In Week 10, you will provide a detailed project presentation for your new information system project. Because of its importance to the organization, your presentation must be thoughtful and visually appealing. To help you stay on track for this three-week effort, the executives have assigned you a project manager. For each week leading up to the presentation, you are expected to turn in a short (less than one page) status report.

It must address just four things:

  1. What did you expect to accomplish on the project this week?
  2. What did you actually accomplish on the project this week?
  3. What issues have arisen, and what help do you need?
  4. What do you expect to accomplish on the project next week?

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