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#PowerPoint 2G Wedding Services


Project Description:

In the following project, you will format a presentation describing  some of the wedding services offered by The Big Event Production and  Entertainment.

#On   Slide 1, format the subtitle-Floral and Lighting Design-as a WordArt using the first   style in the second column. Change the Text Fill to Black, Text 1.

#Select the picture and then Crop   the image from the bottom so that  the bottom-center crop handle aligns with   the lower half of the  vertical ruler at 2.5 inches.

Change the picture Height to 3 and then apply a  Glow: 5 point;   Dark Teal, Accent color 1 picture effect to the image.  Align the picture and   title using the Align Selected Objects command  to apply Align Top.

#On Slide 1, insert a Text Box   anywhere in the green content placeholder on the bottom of the slide. In the   text box, type The Big Event Production and Entertainment and then using the Align to   Slide option, apply the Align Center and Align Bottom alignment commands.

On Slide 2, remove the bullet symbol from the paragraph, and then    change the Shape Fill to the second color in the fifth column, and the  Shape   Outline to Black, Text 1.

#On Slide 3, convert the bulleted list to the List type SmartArt    graphic-Vertical Curved List. Change the color to Colorful Range –  Accent   Colors 4 to 5, and then apply the Simple Fill style.

  Note—Mac users, convert to any SmartArt style, and then change to Vertical   Curved List.

On Slide 4, change the bulleted   list to Numbering.

On Slide 5, in the placeholder on the right, insert an Online Picture   by searching for full bloom rose  then insert the picture of the large single rose. Select and delete    any additional text boxes that may display when the image is inserted.  To   avoid file size limitations, compress the online picture once it  is inserted.

  Note—alternatively, search for an image in a web browser, and then download   and insert a relevant image from the results.

Remove the background from the   picture using the default selected  area, and then apply the Glow: 18 point;   Brown, Accent color 6 picture  effect.

On Slide 5, change the bullet   symbols to Star Bullets, change the  Color to the first color in the last column,   and then change the Size  to 80.

On Slide 6, from the Shapes gallery, under Basic Shapes, insert a    Diamond of any size anywhere on the slide. Resize the diamond so that  its   Shape Height is 6 and its Shape Width is 8.  Using the Align to Slide option, apply the Align Center, and Align    Middle alignment commands to the diamond shape. Apply the Intense  Effect –   Dark Teal, Accent 1 shape style.

In the diamond, type The Big Event   Productions and Entertainment (no  period). Change the Font Size to 36, and then, to the diamond   shape,  apply the Round Convex Bevel effect to the diamond shape. Note—this    effect may be called Art Deco on some systems.

Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the  Date and time updated automatically, the   Page number, a Footer with  the text 2G_Wedding_Services

Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.

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