Medication articles: written analysis | Psychology homework help


For this assignment, please complete a 4-5 page (not including cover page and reference page -I will stop reading at the end of page 5) medication analysis of a medication that could potentially be abused or used illegally, using two peer reviewed articles. In the medication analysis review please complete the following:

  1. Select two peer-reviewed articles (2013 or newer) regarding prescription and/or non prescription medication that a client could abuse or use illegally 
  2. Summarize each article using your own words and include the article information in the references (in APA 7th ed. formatting)
  3. Describe how this medication article relates to social work practice with the client
  4. Describe how this article relates to the readings and video assigned this week
  5. Proof read, use correct grammar, sentence structure, 4-5 pages and APA 7th edition formatting

All medication reviews should reference and use recent articles that deal with the medication as a treatment modality for mental health.  This paper is expected to be written using correct APA 7th edition formatting (there are resources to help with this in the Professionalism, Writing and Research Module at the beginning of the course).

Each section is worth 10 points (up to 50 total points)