Given the ever-growing number of data breaches in the us, is this

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The concept of consumer privacy has evolved from the idea of personal privacy, it is important to note there is no explicit protection for this in the U.S. Constitution.  However, it has been considered to be an essential right in a number of legal decisions, beginning in the 1920s.


Legislation in Europe has enforced high standards of data privacy protection, but data privacy protection in the United States has been primarily the domain of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), whose regulations only require companies to disclose their corporate privacy policies to their customers. The FTC can take legal action against companies that violate customer privacy policies or companies that compromise their customers’ sensitive personal information.


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The question is this:  given the ever-growing number of data breaches in the US, Is this sufficient, or should there be new laws enacted to secure privacy?  Should we strive for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing along with the existing rights the right to privacy? 

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