Flower catch game through spritekit

 The challenge of this game is to collect as many as flower with the vase (catcher). Flowers fall down from the top of the screen and user will move the vase and collects flowers. In the above figure the dashed line arrows show possible movement directions of the components. In the game no dashed line will be shown. The game scene runs in gravity. The flower will be left from randomly chosen X points (Y is fix) from the top. User can swipe vase only to the right and/or left to collect them. Once the vase touches a flower, then a score is made, and that particular flower disappears with a sound (for example, http://soundbible.com/1536-Stapler.html). User will be granted 60 sec to collect as much as flowers. On the top-right corner of the game, show the remain time and score. Make sure that not many flowers will release at the same time. You may adapt a strategy to release flowers in a discrete way, such as one flower will be release every 2 – 5 seconds from random coordinates. Make sure that flower and vase sprites are not so small and/or big. A typical size for a flower is 64×64, and for vase image is 100×100. Game ends after 60 seconds, shows the score and a restart button a new game. 

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