Excel project | Accounting homework help

Select a publicly traded firm, use the Free Cash Flow (FCF) valuation method to estimate the total intrinsic value of the firm.

b. Estimate the intrinsic stock price of your selected firm. Compare your estimated price with the market price.

c. Find the value drivers of your selected firm and give your suggestions to improve the firm value and stock price.

d. Report and explain your valuation procedures and results in details.


1. You are suggested to follow the steps in Sections 7-7 and 7-9 to complete this project.

2. The entire valuation process should be completed in Excel.

3. Your final report should be either in Word or in PDF format.

4. In the report, you need to explain each step in details. For example, you should explain

how you forecast the future financial and operational data and the WACC.

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