Discussion 6 question | Education homework help

Candidates will read Chapter 8 in Stader and their assigned Case Scenario. Candidates will provide a comprehensive post that incorporates a response to the question(s) outlined in the scenario. The post should (a) analyze the regulatory mandates and case law to respond to the potential legal problem(s), (b) incorporate scholarly arguments supported by academic resources to support your actions, (c) include the ways the case scenario illustrates the controversies over equal protection and English language learners and the legal significance for a school, and (d) identify ethical dilemmas and guidelines.

Post #6: Case Scenarios

Scenario 1: Read the case scenario entitled “In All Fairness” on page 145-146 in Stader. Argue for or against demonstrating legal status before allowing attendance in public schools. In addition, discuss the legal and ethical issues of the implied “silent tracking” of Michael.