Current event assignment (powerpoint) | Sociology homework help

 This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.Instructions

In each module, we learned about various theoretical perspectives ( as a way to deepen our understanding of social phenomena.  For this assignment, you are going to apply one of the sociological theories as a way to better understand a current event.

Assignment: Create a short video or slide show to present three things:

  1. A brief summary of a sociological theory related to a current event of your choice
  2. An example of this current event from your community (use pictures, videos, and/or audio recordings to help illustrate your example as you can)
  3. An explanation of how the theory can help us understand what was happening in your example

There are many correct answers for this assignment, so aim to find an example that helps your audience (classmates) understand a bit more about your theory and the cultural context of when it was formed.

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