Critical appraisal | Reading homework help

There are five articles you can pick one from them. 

and here are the requirements:

Students will be required to submit a 1,000-word critical appraisal of a research article from an academic journal. Students will be provided with a choice of articles to appraise, which will be posted on the course Moodle site. 

The critical appraisal is designed to provide students with an opportunity to critically review the overall appropriateness of the research design underpinning a piece of social science research. This will involve assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the particular methodological approach adopted in the research and commenting on its suitability to address the research questions. Your appraisal should be specifically methodological in focus. 

Here are few guiding questions to help you write and focus on reviewing: 

• The research questions the author(s) set out to address. Are they concrete and appropriate? 

• The combination of methods being employed. Are they appropriate and fully justified? 

• To what extent are the methods chosen suitable to answer the research questions? Are they coherent and well-aligned? 

• Did the authors describe their methods fully? What are some gaps you identified? 

• What the data and evidence is. How were they collected/recorded/retrieved, analysed and interpreted? • The methodological and epistemological strengths/weaknesses of the research design. What ontological and epistemological assumptions are made by the author[s]? 

• Ethical and/or political issues concerning the research. Are they apparent and being addressed by the author[s]? 

Your review should be fully referenced drawing on relevant methodological literature. Further guidance on reading and the articles for appraisal will be provided. 

Grading and feedback of the assessment will take into consideration the following: 

• How well you have demonstrated an awareness of problems and shortcomings of the data and methods of analysis; 

• Whether you have considered the extent to which the interpretation of the findings is consistent with the analysis and research design undertaken; 

• How well structured are the ideas in the assignment and whether there is a logic to their development and argumentation; 

• How reflexive (i.e. reflecting on your own position and assumptions as a student) are your comments on the research methods; 

• How well the assignment is presented, including style of writing, grammar, structure, and referencing. 

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