Assignment 4: fake news | Computer Science homework help

Complete the “Try This” activity from GCF’s Practice Evaluating Information.


Watch the videos listed below. Note the key points as you view the videos.  


New  York Magazine’s Max Read discusses his piece examining the rise of  “fake news” and whether the internet is a reliable tool for furthering  democracy. 

Cole  Bolton and Chad Nackers talked about their satirical publication, The  Onion, and the intent of political satire versus misinformation.  


Alicia Shepard discusses emotional reactions to “click-bait” style news, which may or may not be true.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. 

  1. How is a particular audience targeted?
  2. What types of news can be created?
  3. Who could be the sources of “Fake News?”
  1. What could be the goals of the creators? 
  2. Explain how you can identify fake news and how it can possibly affect the public

Submission Format:

  • Answer each question individually and clearly label your answer, 1 thru 5
  • For  full credit, each answer must have a minimum of 5 complete sentences.   Be careful to avoid spelling and grammar errors which will cost points.
  • Your completed responses should be submitted in a Word document with 1″ margins. 
  • Use 12 point Arial font and double space the text. 
  • Place your name in the header on the top left.  
  • If you use additional resources, properly cite the sources using APA style.  

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