Answer the questions related to the job offer negotiation joe tech

 attached the case of job offer negotiation Joe Tech and Robust Routers. please read it and answer the requires point .

Preparation, goal setting and planning involved for the negotiation: Describe the conflict situation and analyze the nature of the conflict/problem

◦  Diagnosing it as primarily integrative/distributive or mixed motive and why so

◦  bargaining mix – what are the elements and your priorities

◦  Goals – all three goals (target, aspiration and bottomline) and anchors for them

◦  Shared and divergent interests

◦  Negotiation strategy based on the above – e.g. trusting collaboration? What tactics will you use

◦  Evaluation of counterpart, anticipate his/her strategy, ethics

◦  Power – sources of power for both parties

◦  Batna – what is your Batna, Quality of Batna?

◦  Anything else?

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