1 – 4 papers , 250 words/ two scholarly for each paper 1 through 4

Paper#1: 250 word min. 

One of the major crisis in real time for police Departments is happening at this very moment in time.  

Are you aware what the crisis is?  What is your recommendation to your community leaders for dealing with this issue?

Paper#2: 250 word min. 

In the read section this unit, technology was discussed. In your community identify technology utilized by the Police Department, Sheriff’s Department and city wide. Include the effects each has on Law Enforcement.

Paper#3: 250 word min. 

Identify a crisis past or recent in your community. What was gained from the learning experience of the event?

What is your suggestion to prepare or prevent this event in your community happening again?

Paper#4: 250 word min. 

Please advise what part of this course material (papers 1-3) did you find most interesting, most helpful in your job or community and at least one suggestion for improving the course.

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